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Comments from our visitors


"I have invited one of my old Provident friends and one of the investment managers at PNC to the last couple of annual dinners and to bring his 91 year old father.  He has not been able to come for various reasons, but last Saturday he, Jim Barrett, and his dad Lee Barrett and other family members visited the museum for their first time and they had a spectacular time.

They said the volunteers were terrific, and when they found out that Mr. Lee Barrett had been a radioman in an Avenger they were even more excited to have him sign the baggage door of the Museum TBM Avenger. Mr. Lee Barrett was visiting with 6 of his 7 children in a family group of 12. The museum and staff made a 91 year old man very happy, and their special experience made a 68 year old retired banker also happy.  I hope they got a picture by the Avenger!"

" Just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed our visit on 5-2-09. The volunteers were all very helpful and friendly, two of them convinced me to sign up for a membership. We really enjoyed our visit.

I hope you let everyone know when the P-40 , FW-190 and the Corsair are going to have their maiden flights. We would really like to come for those events.

Again, you have a very nice facility and we look forward to our next visit."
-Charles D.



"The Museum plays an ever-increasing role as one of the Tri-State's educational centers. Its positive reputation is becoming more widely celebrated.

It is an honor to be a family lifetime member. You may rest assured that I shall do all within my power to circulate to friends and neighbors the news of the important role that the Warbird Museum plays in our Tri-State area."
-John S., Sr.

About the Tri-State Warbird Museum


The Museum is a 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility which provides:

  • An inviting atmosphere to facilitate the restoration and preservation of the aircraft, while maximizing the Museum's educational mission.
  • An exhibit area for historic artifacts and related items to highlight the history of the Museum's aircraft.
  • A library of reference books, magazines, videos, films, and other educational materials.
  • A classroom and lecture facility to provide educational forums to schools and interested groups.
  • Two 100 x 100 foot hangars creating an aircraft display area honoring the role of the aircraft to illustrate the progress of aviation development and to honor the contribution of military aviation.
  • A professional restoration shop to enhance the mission of restoring and preserving original historic aircraft.
  • Ample suitable storage area for specialized tooling and parts storage.

Museum Goals

  • Be recognized as one of our most-admired museums dedicated to military and historic aviation.
  • Honor America's rich aviation history ... acknowledging the ingenuity, commitment, and sacrifice made by the people of the United States, particularly during World War II ... a time of unprecedented conflict.
  • Raise awareness of the role of aviation in defending freedom through forums, exhibits, and -- importantly -- by experiencing vintage aircraft "come to life" through fully restored and operational aircraft.
  • Preserve examples of historic aircraft ... invaluable to understanding, they are few in number and at growing risk of extinction. The Museum will help preserve a segment of these unique contributors to the world's aviation heritage.