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A letter from our Gala speaker Navy SEAL Jon Sanchez June 7,2011:


I hope you are doing well and recovering from a long successful weekend!  Thank you for your vision of creating such a place.  More importantly, THANK YOU for your passion to see it through.  I know there was a lot of hard work and effort that went into making the Gala such a success.  You made it seem easy.  From the Air show to the last guest leaving, it was such a high class event.  Congratulations.

I also wanted to thank you for the opportunity to speak on Friday night.  It truly was one of the greatest honors to speak with such a group of patriots and heroes.  I would especially like to thank you for having my family there.  It meant a great deal to my parents.  My grandfather, on my father's side, was a WWII vet in the Philippines.  My Grandfather, on my mother's side, was a Submariner in the Pacific.  

I visited the museum on Thursday to get the layout and talk to the crew.  I quickly realized the importance of everything that you are doing.  I saw the banners, the new hanger, the aircraft.  When I went home I told my wife, "this could be the most important speech I give in my life".  I felt that way on Friday night.  As you said, when you see these vets come walking in the door, it's hard not be passionate about the museum.  
I wish you great continued success in fundraising.  Hopefully, you will be outgrowing your 2nd hanger in 5 years.  

Your work is so important to America.  I look forward to visiting the museum again with my children and cub scout den.  

I also look forward to riding in a P-51!!!  Can't wait for that.

Please pass my heartfelt thanks to your Board.  You guys are incredible.  

Very Respectfully,
Jonathan M. Sanchez

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The Eleventh Annual Tri-State Warbird Museum Taking Flight fundraising Gala June 5, 2015








It was a fantastic Gala...THANK YOU to all our veterans and THANK YOU to all our fantastic supporters

thank you also to photographer Amy Vaughan



The Tri-State Warbird Museum 2014Tenth Annual Taking Flight Fundraising Gala was AWESOME!

THANK YOU to all!!


Tri-State Warbird Museum Eighth Annual Fundraising Gala

Friday June 8, 2012...a wonderful event...THANK YOU to all!!

February 6, 2012: Our sincere condolences go out to Dennis Stewart in the recent loss of his wife Judy. Dennis has been a volunteer since we opened in 2005. Thank you to Dennis and Judy's sister Charlene Rohrer and their friends and family for the contributions made to the Tri-State Warbird Museum as a memorial to Judy Stewart



Country music recording artist Dwayne O'Brien performed his song "We Remember" live at
the ICAS Convention last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. And he produced this
video to be projected on the screens behind him while he sang. We hope
that you'll share this link widely with friends and family who
appreciate America's aviation legacy and all that our country's airborne
warriors have done to defend our country. And, of course, many thanks to
Dwayne O'Brien for both performing his wonderful song and producing this
moving video





Tri-State Warbird Museum Seventh Annual Fundraising Gala June 3, 2011: 

What fun!! THANK YOU to everyone who made this evening an outstanding success!

Thank you to our outstanding pilots: Wildcat /Mike Gillian, T-6/Paul Redlich, T-6/Todd Winemiller, T-6/Mike Gillian, T-6/Stan Williams!



The Tri-State Warbird Museum and Northern Kentucky University would like to invite you to the NKU Military Lecture Series presenting "Pacific Aces: Aerial Combat Over the Pacific In World War II" with Don Brandt and Ken Glass speaking. Saturday April 16, 2011 6 pm at the Tri-State Warbird Museum 4021 Borman Drive Batavia, OH.

The lecture is free and open to the public, refreshments will be served after. Please see the website for directions to the Museum.

...it was SUPER!!!

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