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TSWM Staff

President, Vice Chairman, Vice-Treasurer, Secretary:
Restoration & Maintenance Manager:
Dedicated to Warbird restoration and quality maintenance:
  • Greg Muir
  • Kenny Wiggers
  • Jared Barrow - Email Jared
  • Steve Emery
Development Director:
Director of Education & Programming:
Administrative Manager:
Collections Manager & Museum Attendant:

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Volunteer staff

Composed of a Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Capital Campaign Committee, Building/Facilities Construction Management Group, and others involved in helping the TSWM achieve its potential.

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Board of Directors

The Tri-State Warbird Museum has an independent Board of Directors who is responsible for the corporation's governance:

  • David B. O'Maley, Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • Joseph A. Campanella, Chairman of Capital Campaign
  • Lawrence Farmer
  • Peter V. Agur
  • Howard C. Becker
  • Steve Carrington
  • David Joyce
  • David O'Maley, Jr., President, Vice Chairman, and Secretary
  • Louis C. Seno
  • Richard Bodner

* Development Committee Member

Board of Directors (retired):

                        Bill Keating, Jr (deceased)

                        Tad Lawrence (deceased)

                        Phil Myers, Director Emeritus

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Advisory Board (2005 - 2015)

The Tri-State Warbird Museum has a broad group of citizens serving as Advisory Board members. Each person has unique talents, experience in history and/or aviation, is committed to our mission, and has volunteered their time, talent, experience and resources. We are indeed grateful for their efforts and willingness to help.

  • Neil Armstrong, Founding Advisory Director (deceased)
  • Joseph Campanella *
  • Stan Cohen ** (deceased)
  • Charley Frank*
  • Ted Gardner ** (deceased)
  • Dan Hoffheimer *
  • Richard Hunt **(deceased)
  • Hal Klink
  • Phil Rountree
  • Hal Shevers
  • S. Arthur Spiegel **(deceased)
  • Oliver Waddell (deceased)

* Development Committee Member
** World War II Veteran

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Additional members of the team who have contributed of their time and efforts:

  • George Beaudion, Color Guard
  • R. Allen Bowen, Technical Advisor-Computers
  • Richard Bodner
  • Scott Durkee, Flight Operations Advisor
  • Donald Flannery, Technology Advisor-Computers
  • Stephen Flannery, Web Site Design Support
  • Eric Anderson, Web Site Design Support
  • Diane S. Hagenbuch
  • William Hamilton, Building Construction Oversight Volunteer
  • Karen G. O'Maley, Interior Design
  • Katherine O'Maley, Administration, Marketing
  • Megan O'Maley, Reception Desk
  • Rick Raabe, Education Program Coordinator
  • Art Roberts
  • Phillip Rountree
  • Paul Twilling, Technical Advisor-Equipment
  • Cincinnati Warbirds, Supporting Volunteer Organization
  • Cletus Davis
  • Brad Owens
  • Angela Meehan, Graphic Design

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  • James H Barrow III
  • John C. Bishop
  • John Paul Boland
  • Donald Brown
  • Alex Bryant
  • Don Davis
  • Don DeMaria
  • Charles Fairbanks
  • Mike Hurley Faul
  • Gar Gunter
  • Norb Holtgrewe
  • Frank Marro
  • John Moon
  • Jerry Potinsky
  • Eddie Przybyla
  • Rick Raabe
  • Noah Stegman Rechtin
  • Phillip Rountree
  • Mike Salisbury
  • Dennis Shada
  • Dennis Stewart
  • Ben Vaughan
  • Charles Wiley
  • Larry Workman

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