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President: Paul Redlich


Paul Redlich and Steve Emery

Left: David O'Maley, Founder. Right: Paul Redlich, President.


Paul Redlich brings years of expert historic aviation experience to his leadership role at the museum. He is a licensed and accomplished pilot with over 3700 hours of warbird flight time. In addition Paul has over 35 years of experience restoring and maintaining World Ward II aircraft as an FAA certified mechanic and inspector.


   Vice-Chariman, Vice-Treasurer, Secretary:

David O'Maley, Jr

   Dedicated to Warbird restoration and quality maintenance:
  • Kenny Wiggers
  • Greg Muir
  • Barry Anderson
  • Mike Durkee
  • Jared Barrow
    Development Director:

Denise Eldridge

Administrative Manager:

Diane Redlich


Museum Attendant:

Noah Rechtin



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Volunteer staff

Composed of a Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Capital Campaign Committee, Building/Facilities Construction Management Group, and others involved in helping the TSWM achieve its potential.
Volunteer Coordinator: Phillip Rountree
Museum Historian: Dr. Francois LeRoy, Northern Kentucky University
Education Program: Rick Raabe

Exhibit Director: Ben Vaughan

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Board of Directors

The Tri-State Warbird Museum has an independent Board of Directors who is responsible for the corporation's governance:

  • David B. O'Maley, Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • Joseph A. Campanella, Chairman of Capital Campaign
  • Lawrence Farmer
  • Paul Redlich, President
  • Howard C. Becker
  • Steve Carrington
  • David Joyce
  • Tad Lawrence *
  • David O'Maley, Jr., Vice Chairman and Secretary
  • Louis C. Seno

* Development Committee Member


Board of Directors (retired):

                        Bill Keating, Jr (deceased)

                        Phil Myers, Director Emeritus

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Advisory Board (2005 - 2015)

The Tri-State Warbird Museum has a broad group of citizens serving as Advisory Board members. Each person has unique talents, experience in history and/or aviation, is committed to our mission, and has volunteered their time, talent, experience and resources. We are indeed grateful for their efforts and willingness to help.

  • Neil Armstrong, Founding Advisory Director (deceased)
  • Joseph Campanella *
  • Stan Cohen ** (deceased)
  • Charley Frank*
  • Ted Gardner ** (deceased)
  • Dan Hoffheimer *
  • Richard Hunt **(deceased)
  • Hal Klink
  • Phil Rountree
  • Hal Shevers
  • S. Arthur Spiegel **(deceased)
  • Oliver Waddell (deceased)

* Development Committee Member
** World War II Veteran

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Additional members of the team who have contributed of their time and efforts:

  • George Beaudion, Color Guard
  • R. Allen Bowen, Technical Advisor-Computers
  • Richard Bodner
  • Scott Durkee, Flight Operations Advisor
  • Donald Flannery, Technology Advisor-Computers
  • Stephen Flannery, Web Site Design Support
  • Eric Anderson, Web Site Design Support
  • Diane S. Hagenbuch
  • William Hamilton, Building Construction Oversight Volunteer
  • David B. O'Maley, Jr., Web Technology Director
  • Karen G. O'Maley, Interior Design
  • Katherine O'Maley, Administration, Marketing
  • Megan O'Maley, Reception Desk
  • Rick Raabe, Education Program Coordinator
  • Art Roberts
  • Phillip Rountree, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Paul Twilling, Technical Advisor-Equipment
  • Cincinnati Warbirds, Supporting Volunteer Organization
  • Cletus Davis
  • Brad Owens
  • Angela Meehan, Graphic Design

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  • James H Barrow III
  • Jared Barrow
  • John C. Bishop
  • John Paul Boland
  • Donald Brown
  • Alex Bryant
  • Don Davis
  • Don DeMaria
  • Charles Fairbanks
  • Mike Hurley Faul
  • Gar Gunter
  • Norb Holtgrewe
  • Frank Marro
  • John Moon
  • Charles Nau
  • Jerry Potinsky
  • Eddie Przybyla
  • Rick Raabe
  • Noah Stegman Rechtin
  • Phillip Rountree
  • Mike Salisbury
  • Dennis Shada
  • Dennis Stewart
  • Ben Vaughan
  • Charles Wiley
  • Larry Workman

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