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"Paul, thanks again for inviting us to your gala.  The event and hospitality were great!  I'm still amazed by the Museum and how much you've been able to accomplish.  It's truly inspiring."  



"I am so excited that the P-40 received the GRAND CHAMPION WWII Restoration.You and your crew have done a spectacular job on that beautiful warbird. THANK YOU PAUL AND ALL WHO BROUGHT IT TO LIFE.


As an annual member since 2007 many memories have been brought back to life from the 1940's as a 7, 8 and 9 year old running out with my buddies whenever planes flew over. There were alot - perhaps from Dayton. We got to the point where we could identify the AT-6, P-51 and others. I have been to the Museum over 100 times and each one is like the first time. These warbirds are in better shape than when they came off the production line. I have been to many warbird displays in the US and none shine like this one. They are mostly static displays, dusty and behind a barrier. The volunteers are great.


Cincinnati Miss is my favorite - what a beauty. I get close to the planes but do not touch - except I do rub a finger along the fuselage of Cinci Miss and after I did it several years ago I heard her say "Ahhh". She is the epitome of the piston engine era. That Merlin engine on a fly-by gives me goose bumps.


Also, excited about the Focke Wulf and I pray it will win at Oshkosh. Can't wait to see it finished.


I describe the Tri-State Warbird Museum as the Michaelangelo of an engineering restoration wonder."


Ron Conradi


Thank you Ron!!


  • Warbird Museum
  • Working Aircraft! Cincinnati Miss
  • On-Site Restorations Restorations
  • Airshow Appearances Flying Aircraft
  • A Unique Facility Tri-State Warbird Museum

A historic aviation museum dedicated to remembering those who fought for our freedom, and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice

Tri-State Warbird Museum Video

News & Announcements

"Axis Nightmare" B-25 is back! Last year we experienced an engine failure and she's been waiting....but now she's back in the air with a new engine :) Already we have flown her to Lunken Airport to support the community coming out to see the visiting B-29 Fifi. July 22 we will be giving many rides to those very deserving wounded warriors at the Middletown, OH airport in support of the FastTrax Wounded Warriors 2017 event...





...the Tri-State Warbird Museum Taking Flight Gala 2017 invitation...




Here are the links for the Taking Flight Gala 2017 Invitation and RSVP pdf files...




Tri-State Warbird Museum Gala!!!!!!!


Another beautiful magazine with our cover girl P-40M Kiwi Kittyhawk :)


We have just lost another one of our amazing World War II Veterans - Stan Cohen will be deeply missed. He was a great friend to the Tri-State Warbird Museum. He loved it here and we loved him. Stan was a P-40 fighter pilot with 3 confirmed victories. He loved the airplanes and was so generous giving us the opportunity to aquire our latest, the C-45 Expeditor "Twin Beech". Also for the past 6 years Stan has funded our airplanes to travel to the Virginia Tech football games to do the veteran-appreciation game-starting fly-over much to the delight of the attendees. We brought our B-25, TBM, and the C-45 as well as friends with T-6's and Stan so loved introducing the airplanes and the TSWM to the VaTech cadets who would visit the airport.

Tailwinds, my friend, you are missed


We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our good friend and World War II Veteran Russ Witte, Jr. at the age of 99, just 11 days away from his 100th birthday.
Russ was a B-25 pilot in World War II, flying 55 missions and earning the Distinguished Flying Cross. 
From an interview with Russ in 2012:
"So, in 10 months out of the States I had flown 55 combat missions, many of them quite harrowing, but never lost a plane. Although sometimes we were shot up so badly that we almost didn't make it back to the base. I was never injured, never lost a crewman. We were extremely lucky since 50% of the men I flew overseas with never made it home."
"Most of all I have vivid memories of the dust; the noise; the thrill, pride, ecstasy, and excitement of good tight formation flying; the fear and terror associated with near misses by attacking fighters and bursting flack; and the overwhelming grief you feel when you see a friend, flying near you, shot down." Russell B Witte, Jr. we already miss you.

Major construction in the area: Old State Road 74 is totally closed between Olive Branch-Stonelick Road and Amelia-Olive Branch Rd - they are building a new bridge and widening the road. The scheduled closure will be until April 10, 2017 (!) The detour is: continue on SR 32 east (instead of turning right onto Old SR 74) - continue to the next exit into Batavia, right away after exiting onto Main Street turn a sharp right - you will be driving west again, careful the speed limit is 35 - continue to the four way stop sign and turn right onto Old SR 74 going west. In about a mile turn left onto Armstrong Blvd then left onto Glenn Parkway then right onto Borman Drive where you will find us at the end of the road next to the Clermont County Airport runway.
Another detour is SR32 east, turn right onto OldSR74 then turn right just past the Speedway at Shayler Rd. At the next light turn left onto Bach Buxton Rd. At the next light turn left onto Clough Pike. Continue on Cough a few miles until turning left at the three-way stop sign onto Taylor Pike. You will go past the runway end of the Clermont County Airport then take the next right onto Armstrong Blvd, then the second right onto Glenn Parkway then right onto Borman Drive....we are worth the drive :


Tri-State Warbird Museum's Grand Champion P-40M Kiwi Kittyhawk...!!!!!! AWESOME!!

Warbird Digest cover and story...

EAA Warbirds cover and story...


Yet another big weekend honoring all veterans!

We took the Tri-State Warbird Museum airplanes - the C-45 "Hokie Pokie" and the T-6 "Tweety" to do the half-time fly-over at the Virginia Tech-Boston College football game in Blacksburg, Virginia on Friday and joined up with one more T-6 to perform the salute to veterans fly-over. Thank you to our Honored Veteran, good friend, Virginia Tech alumni and World War II P-40 pilot veteran Stan Cohen. Also Thank You to C-45 pilot and TSWM President Paul Redlich, C-45 co-pilot and TSWM volunteer-extraordinaire Phillip Rountree, and good friends and T-6 pilots Jackie Dankos and Mike Pangia.



Here's another beautiful picture of our Grand Champion WWII Oshkosh 2016 1943 Curtiss P-40M Kiwi Kittyhawk :)

photo by Xavier Meal




Tri-State Warbird Museum Curtiss P-40M restoration wins EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016


photo by Scott Slocum



...the GALA is coming!!!


Great moment (photo by Liz Keating) at the Tri-State Warbird Museum 11th Annual Taking Flight Gala June 5, 2015. This is our speaker Medal of Honor Recipient Leroy Petry and one of our beloved World War II Honored Veterans Herb Heilbrun


another great photo by Liz Keating taken during the Gala June 5, 2015


Here is the youtube video link from our Gala 2014- E. Bruce Heilman making a great speech...

Bruce Heilman speech


August 2014: Come and see our new plane! C-45

Feb 2014: from our Development Director and Campaign Chair:

Campaign a Success!


Joe Campanella, campaign chair, announced in December that the $12 million campaign to raise funds for the museum has been reached and it was a huge success.  We exceeded our goal and raised $12,116, 860.00.


The campaign, which started in 2006, made it possible to accomplish many things: buy the property, purchase and restore our warbirds, build two hangars, maintain the museum, develop exciting exhibits, purchase two flight simulators, and establish educational programs for elementary and high school students.


Thank you to all who supported this important campaign.




...Axis Nightmare is one of the six B-25's invited to participate in this last Doolittle Raiders Reunion - the toast to the fallen comrades, the missing man formation flying.


One of our super great billboards around town

What a great picture! Taken from another airplane you can see the amazing timing of the B-25 Axis Nightmare Veteran Tribute Flyover at the Virginia Tech-Duke football game October 26, 2013 - the Anthem was just finishing, the canon was shot (see the canon smoke on the field in the upper left corner)...and the crowd of 40,000+ appreciates the flying B-25 reminding us of the sacrifices made by our veterans...!! Thanks to all who made this possible including - Stan Cohen, Paul Redlich, Phillip Rountree...!

Come and see our beautifully restored World War II airplanes...B-25 Mitchell bomber "Axis Nightmare", TBM torpedo bomber (the wings fold!), P-51 Mustang "Cincinnati Miss" fighter, AT-6 Texan advanced trainer "Tweety", Stearman primary trainer and 1946 Piper Clipper. Look at currently-being-restored aircraft, very rare to be able to see how the airplanes are built - P-40 Kittyhawk fighter, Fw190 German fighter and the bent-wing Corsair fighter...visitor hours are Wednesday 4-7pm and Saturday 10am - 3pm...see you there! Annual and Lifetime Memberships are available, especially good if you bring your whole family and you visit us many times in the year (we hope you do!)


The Tri-State Warbird Museum Ninth Annual Taking Flight Fundraising Gala was

June 7, 2013 and it was awesome! THANK YOU to our wonderful supporters!

Our Tenth Annual Taking Flight Fundraising Gala will be June 6, 2014



May 26, 2013 the 97th Indy 500 flyover honoring our veterans...

Pilots: Paul Redlich and Phillip Rountree flying TSWM "Axis Nightmare" B-25, T-6 5 ship formation flown by Todd Winemiller from Blanchester, OH,, Don Stamp from Salem,OH, John Feldvary from Jackson, MI Ralph Lutes from Shipshewana, IN and Chuck Marshall from Elkhart, IN




The Tri-State Warbird Museum B-25 "Axis Nightmare" with Paul Redlich pilot and Phillip Rountree co-pilot and Ben Vaughan as crew with T-28 flown by Jim Stitt and T-28 flown by Doug Auxier flew the beautiful formation Cincinnati Reds Opening Day flyover April 1


We are saddened by the passing of World War II veteran Tom Griffin, a Cincinnati native and a friend of the Tri-State Warbird Museum. Tom was the navigator on the #9 Doolittle Raider. Tom is a hero and was a wonderful man. He was 96. He will be greatly missed



Good phone book cover!!!

At the Tri-State Warbird Museum...


The Tri-State Warbird Museum restored airplanes have been seen by about 10 million people since we opened in 2005!!!

Thank you to our Veterans!

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